Information about the movie. Twosome movie, three on the road.

New czech movie in cinemas on December, 10, 2009.

Title / Tagline Twosome / Road movie in a threesome
Movie premiere December 10, 2009
Genre Roadmovie
Movie length 89 minutes
Cast Kristýna Fuitová - Nováková, Jakub Wagner, David Máj
Director Jaroslav Fuit
Production: Country / Year Czech republic / 2009

A five-year relationship between Michal and Veronika has come to a crossroad. While he is thinking about children and family life, she feels that she has not yet experienced enough and wants to enjoy herself. They exist beside each other without truly living together. Under the pressure caused by their rows and fear of splitting up, Michal comes up with an idea of a mystery holiday for Veronika. However, from the very beginning, everything is completely different than thorough Michal had prepared and Veronika cannot conceal her disappointment.

Travelling in Scandinavia and situations in which they fi nd themselves during their journey become a mirror to themselves and their life as a couple. Everything seems to show they should no longer be together. Meeting the wanderer and petty thief Šimon prompts an unexpected refl ection on their lives and their relationship and enables them to move on.

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Hospodářské noviny, 9. 12. 2009 – Tomáš Seidl

“The almost “documentary” credibility of the film is given by the images of the hand-held camera that brings a home video to mind as well as by the performances of the central trio that remain civil even in emotionally-charged moments.”

The Couple has a unique position among Czech films from the perspective of its distribution and marketing campaign. It is the first feature film produced by the HBO Czech Republic film channel and all three of the main characters have had profiles made on Facebook so the users of this social network have been able to follow their virtual fates for the last few weeks.

“Few films feel as authentic as Jaroslav Fuit's low-budget debut titled The Couple, “a Road Movie for Three”.”

TÝDEN, 14. 12. 2009 – Irena Hejdová

“This directorial debut is founded on lesser-known actors, with all three - Kristýna Fuitová Nováková, the non-actor Jakub Wagner and David Máj – taking equal credit for the engrossing power of this film.”

“The way the film originated, with the crew filming as its own production, only making it to cinemas thanks to the entry of HBO, is also a great story.”

“A very poignant probe into the life of the young generation – enlightening and overwhelmingly true for all age groups.”

REFLEX, 10. 12. 2009 – Darina Křivánková

“The entire film is based on simplicity and spontaneity, while something like genuineness, authenticity, simply reality then flow from these two qualities.”

“No dramatic convulsions, just a photogenic hand-held camera, a good eye and fluid narration without deliberation.”

“The actors’ interaction in the central triangle works very well.”

“This film seems not to be Czech, not only thanks to the non-Czech setting, but it is simply informed by how films are (also) made across borders and it is no wonder that HBO cable television decided to join up to produce this project.”

“Even though Czech is spoken in the film it reminds me of a song sung in English that catches my attention on the radio and then, much to my surprise, I learn it is from a Czech group.”

INSTINKT, 31. 12. 2009 – Šimon Šafránek

“Director Jaroslav Fuit’s road movie THE COUPLE is one of the most candid Czech films of the last year. And one of the best.”

“The simple relationship drama manages to smash the viewer to a pulp.”

“It’s a shame but we have not seen anything like this from Czech filmmakers in a long time.”

“The Couple does not make itself out to be a generational confession, nor does it draw attention to temptations in the form of apt one-liners and a fashionable setting.

„Jakub Wagner artfully holds the indecisive Michal on this side of tolerability, while Kristýna Fuitová-Nováková adroitly fills in all the space with sweeping emotions. But the film became a mine for the talents of David Máj as far as acting is concerned.” “He gives The Couple its heart, accelerates the crisis in the protagonists’ relationship and shoots off one joke after another – even though he is a rat, you can help but fall for him on the screen.”

“With the raw camera work you can almost smell the musty backpacks; the film was wonderfully edited by Michal Hýka.”

LIDOVÉ NOVINY, 15. 12. 2009 – Vojtěch Rynda

“The Couple, the feature film debut of director Jaroslav Fuit, is a masterfully told drama of relationships which bears comparison to the current best of the genre.”

“The Couple is a clear number one.”

“The effect would not be the same if the well-written screenplay had not resonated with excellent acting performances.”

“Šimon's unpredictable character, who gradually ensnares Veronika and Michal with invisible strings, gives a hint of a thriller to the psychologically spot-on process.”

“When, for example, Šimon gets behind the wheel of their car, thereby also figuratively taking their fate into his hands, it sends a chill down your spine just like in films where a "real" psychopath terrorises the main protagonists.”

“The Couple is a masterful debut from filmmakers that may just provide Czech cinematography with a few more pleasant surprises.”

“The Couple made it to the big screen thanks to the attention of the domestic branch of the HBO television channel, which is starting to focus on its own productions.”

REFLEX, 30. 12. 2009 – Jan Hřebejk (český filmový režisér)

“I am really thrilled with Jaroslav Fuit’s debut The Couple. Excellent filmmaking; the screenplay and all the actors were great.”

(According to Reflex magazine’s annual survey, the feature film debut was declared the third most successful film of 2009.)